560 Celebrate Virginia Pkwy, Ste. 107, Fredericksburg, VA 22406
Everyone deserves a healthy beautiful smile.


We are passionate about oral health and take the time to explain to our patients how they can modify their behaviors and focus on preventative maintenance of their teeth and gums to avoid disease.


Currently we are looking to add to our talented staff of professionals.

Our staff members are a dedicated team of talented people who participate in fulfilling Advantage Dental’s vision to provide exceptional service and value to our patients while pursuing excellent careers for themselves. From the first day of employment, Advantage Dental’s new staff members know they have become part of an organization that values them as individuals and team members. We look forward to our continued growth and providing new employment opportunities in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Compensation / Benefits

We offer competitive salaries and benefits including paid vacation, paid sick leave, bonuses, continuing education and dental.

To learn about career opportunities with Advantage Dental, let us know the position you are applying for and send us your resume with cover letter.

Advantage Dentals Mentors Program

Dr. Jiral’s Mentors Program creates opportunities for success developing specific skills and knowledge with protégés who want the same skills and advantages to move forward in their work, skill level, or school performance. Participants in mentor programs, both the mentor and protégé, share their values and personal goals in a mutually respectful, supportive way which leads to an enriched experience for both. Call Advantage Dental for more information or submit your contact information.

S U B M I T  Y O U R  R E S U M E

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