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Everyone deserves a healthy beautiful smile.

Our Treatment Coordinators

Our treatment coordinators provide support and coordinate our patients choice for treatment. We will answer all of your questions and if needed present financial options that fit your budget comfortably. We look forward to assisting you.



On the day of your first clinical exam, depending on the dentist’s evaluation, our clinical staff may conduct diagnostic tests, such as x-rays and work with the dentist to organize a comprehensive treatment plan. When your initial consultation is completed, your treatment plan is given to a Treatment Coordinator who will review your individual needs and assist you with your plan.

Every patient’s treatment plan is different, but our goal for every patient is the same – we look for the most effective strategies to achieve our patient’s goals for the best oral health and a beautiful smile.

Your Treatment Coordinator will explain your treatment options, work toward understanding how you would like to approach your care and review your options according to your specific needs. Once you have chosen your treatment plan, we will assess the costs, determine insurance calculations or member discounts and discuss financial options that will be most comfortable for you.

“We believe that it is essential for our patients to feel at ease with a treatment plan that supports them on their journey to better oral health and a beautiful smile,” Dr. Jiral.


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